Police High School Program
Ministry of Public security
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Monday, May 30, 2016
Police High School Program
The police high school program is a joint project implemented by government ministries and private organizations, and acts as a unique education model combining studies of the rule of law, community safety and active citizenship.
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Students participating in one of the program's activities
Throughout the studies an emphasis is put on creating a framework capable of giving an equal opportunity to heterogeneous elements of society, in order to promote personal growth and development. Research has shown that system-wide activities in cooperation with law enforcement agencies can help reduce violence on a national scale.
The importance of the program on a national scale, and its contribution to the individual and to society in the fields of improved civics and preventing crime and delinquency, requires inter-Ministry cooperation together with private organizations, a system-wide vision and the pooling of all the resources that work with youth.
The Police High School Program began in 2004 in the Kanot Youth Village, a co-ed, public, boarding school; and in the Ma'a lot educational campus in the western Gallillee, and boarding school for religious boys. The Ma’a lot boarding school close, but simultaneously in 2008, the program was expanded to two additional schools – Nir Ha'Emek and Hodayot (a religious school). The program is currently operational in these three schools, and with great success. Among the program’s successes are the over 70% matriculation completion rate and an over 98% IDF enlistment rate.
A graduation ceremony
The program began with just 17 male students, and as of 2013, has 320 male and female students.
Goals of the Program
The goal of the program is to provide a unique educational, dormitory-based program, which combines studies, familiarity with issues relating to the rule of law in a democratic society, and the study of police models.
The program also incorporates police sciences, including criminology and sociology, with the aim of providing students with values and skills that will strengthen their commitment to the educational and legal system, provide them with an opportunity to achieve academic success and complete matriculations, and help prevent violence, crime and delinquency.
In addition to the formal studies, informal studies are also included in the program during the afternoons and evening. The police studies, both formal and informal, are taught by the police officers who work with the program. The accumulation of knowledge directly contributes to the students’ development as law abiding citizens, encourages social commitment and strengthens their self-confidence.
Students in the programThe Students 
The program is geared towards students in 10th grade from youth villages, who have been determined as fitting the necessary requirements (set by an admissions committee), as well as weaker populations such as new immigrants and residents from the periphery.
Once the students complete the program, those who wish to enlist in the Israel Police can do so, provided they meet the necessary requirements. The Israel Police does not guarantee automatic admission of graduates, though preference is given to graduates who meet the necessary requirements, as fits the needs of the Israel Police.
Partners in the Program
Managing the Program
The program is monitored by a national steering committee, comprised of representatives from the various partners, with the goal of setting aims for the program. The steering committee is led by the head of the Community and Policing Department in the Ministry of Public Security, and managed by the head of the Metzila program.
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