Ministry of Public Security
Ministry of Public security
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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Innovation Exchange 17 - Nov. 2014
An Overview of the Ministry
The 4th international HLS and Cyber conference
Nov. 14-17, 2016 > Click on the picture for more info
Innovation Exchange 17
Cyberbullying, synthetic drugs & more > Click the picture
Community Crime Prevention
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municipal policing
Combatting quality of life crimes > Click on the picture
The Ministry at Work
  • Ежегодная конференция программы «Город без насилия» и городского патруля
    Темой ежегодной конференции стало насилие и ущерб в физическом и виртуальном пространстве. Министр внутренней безопасности отметил в своем докладе важность городского патрулирования и системы МАОР, находящейся в стадии создания.
  • Top left, Minister Erdan speaks at the event; bottom right, Police Commissioner Alsheich speaks
    One in three children is a victim of cyber-bullying
    A survey conducted by the Ministry of Public Security found that over 50% of parents are concerned that their child has been hurt by shaming or online violence.
  • The 4th international HLS & Cyber conference
    The 4th International HLS & CYBER Conference
    The 4th International HLS & CYBER Conference is a biennial event that combines an exhibition of recent technological advancements and developments with the presence of and insights by leading international experts in the field.