Ministry of Public Security
Ministry of Public security
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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Innovation Exchange 17 - Nov. 2014
An Overview of the Ministry
Innovation Exchange 17
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The Ministry at Work
  • Israel Police Academy (Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson's Office)
    National Police Academy Inaugurated
    A historic event for the Israel Police: A new academy, which was first envisioned 20 years ago, was officially inaugurated Thursday, and will house all police training at a single location.
  • Winter driving
    Winter Driving Tips
    In the winter months roads can be wet, covered in snow or ice, and slippery and dangerous. In extreme weather conditions, unless absolutely necessary, it is preferable to avoid driving altogether.
  • A Parent Patrol volunteer attends to a teen
    A Volunteer’s Story
    Lilah describes her experience as a Parent Patrol volunteer at a Hanukkah party for teens in South Tel Aviv.